Make Peace with
your past

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Make peace with your past

A six week online collective healing and transformation program.

Together we’ll override anxiety, self sacrifice and perfectionism. We'll integrate past trauma and challenges through self exploration and practical healing exercises.

Get ready to disrupt toxic habits and patterns rooted in your past to connect with your most authentic present self and create loving, attuned relationships.

You listen through the lens of your past Experiences

with Monique Harding


Do you struggle to know who you are anymore or what really lights you up? Or are you finding yourself feeling triggered more often and struggling to piece together why? Constantly striving for more, but when you hit that milestone or goal you're still feeling empty? Maybe you're distracted and stuck in people pleasing patterns because that's all you've really known? Or you feel alone, like no one really understands you?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself?

Gorgeous human,

we'll bare it all

there's a disconnect between what you value most and the life you're currently living.

You have fleeting moments of confidence and alignment, however anxiety and self criticism Seems to kick in and hold you back.

No matter what you do, nothing ever feels good enough. That inner mean girl can get pretty loud. 

You give great advice but struggle to take on board those ideas yourself. 

You're so focussed on others needs that you've lost connection with yourselF.

You see joy and purpose on the horizon yet you're struggling to navigate your way to it. It simply feels out of reach.

You've tried all the generic self help stuff, you meditate, have good self-care yet you're still feeling stuck. All because; 


You keep repeating the same relationship patterns and everything feels a little too familiar.

The key to living an authentic, full life is in the integration of your past experiences. 

When we share, we heal.

Sometimes working backwards is the way forwards

- Rachel Samson

Ready for the good news?

A six week deep dive into your past relationships, experiences, conditioning and wiring. 

Together we’ll get raw and real, resetting unconscious, automatic thinking and behaviour to connect you with your most authentic, joyous self. 

Monique Harding

Make peace with your past


Uncovering what is most authentic to your truest self to rid anxiety and feel present, seen, connected and free within both yourself and your relationships. 

The ultimate end goal though?

Understanding and identifying the family of origin influence and key roles and patterns that stayed with you long after you left home.

Be-friending your unique lens of the world. Understanding what is familiar to you and what activates and creates anxiety. 

Identifying maladaptive core beliefs that continue to hold you back and restrict you in life and relationships. Disempowering these beliefs and integrating healthier, sustainable ones. 

Practical exercises to foster ongoing integration of self and healing of past painful experiences. 

This program will help support your transformation through;

Discover what patterns you are subconsciously repeating through your behaviour and relationships. Learn skills to connect with the present and not be triggered by automated trauma responses that sabotage your desires and relationships.

What are you carrying with you

Name your Patterns


Meet your inner child and what creates the most pain for her. Embark on a transformative reparenting exercise fostering self compassion and healing.

Connect with your hurt parts



Learn a model for why you put the needs of others above your own or struggle to feel fulfilled no matter how successful you are. Identify your maladaptive core beliefs and how to stop this self perpetuating cycle.

The lenses you never knew you had



Explore your origin story through your family of origin; the roles, belief systems and relational styles that you have taken on. Connect with key defining moments.

Meet your relationship blueprint

The Origins of You




Discover and connect with your present self free from the lens of past limiting beliefs and struggles. Carve an identity around that which brings you joy, purpose and fulfilment.  



Awaken to the truest you

Discover what really matters most to you as your most authentic, true self. Step into embodying a life that aligns with your true values.

bonus pillar!


Values Compass

Make peace with your past

valued at $400

Allowing you to continue to do the guided work post completion. 

Downloadable integration audio exercises 

valued at $210

A customised overview of the core beliefs and lenses you are subconsciously influenced by.

Your Unique Core Belief

valued at over $2160

A unique collective 90 minute healing experience with a qualified Therapist. 


Fortnightly Live Online Group Sessions

Weekly LIVE
Q + A session personalised support

Weekly opportunities to check in and get super personalised support on what is coming up for you. 

valued at over $2000

Sisterhood + Community

An exclusive, online group of like minded women to celebrate and support you every step of the way. 

A cashflow friendly
payment plan


three monthly payments of


Less than half the cost of 1 on 1 therapy with me for the equivalent duration


one-time payment of

best value

so, ARE you ready to de-layer and become your most authentic self? 


“The combination of learning about the lenses and then being able to discuss as a group/with Monique in the group sessions. Provided an ability to deepen understanding of lenses in my own life, often through someone else sharing their take/experience. Having participated in years of 1:1 therapy this group therapy provided breakthroughs I’d been longing for for years. I learnt more about myself in 5 weeks than I had in years previously and have come out of the other side a calmer and more contented person.”

At first I was worried about participating in group therapy. However, the women supporting women in the MPWYP setting was phenomenal. Such a safe and valued space where each member is able to freely express their difficulties while others uplift and encourage growth. Monique is a gem, guiding us all through self realisation and breaking negative patterns in our lives. I finished this course feeling the most secure and aware of myself than I ever have. Highly recommend the MPWYP course to others

- shai

For when you lean into the discomfort of understanding your self better, you benefit all those around you. You break intergenerational family patterns and invite possibility for a new narrative for not only you but your most important relationships. 

I've supported 100's of women to process past trauma and connect back with themselves to create a life by intention and design. All using the very tools and practices in this program. You will be no exception. 

If there is one thing I have learnt over the past 10+ years of providing therapy, it's that we all have the capacity to self-heal. We just need the right knowledge and tools.

Hi, I'm Monique.

meet your Therapist, Mental Wellbeing Bestie and fellow imperfect human

Break the cycle of self-sacrifice and people pleasing behaviour.

Develop fulfilling, connected, thriving relationships. 

Free you from anxiety and panic. 

Transform your every day life from heavy and mundane to purposeful.

Provide you with the tools to manage the inevitable waves of difficult times and triggers when you encounter them. 

Take you from dysregulated or disconnected to attuned with your emotions and needs. 

HEaling and integration can;

Make peace with your past

And here's one thing I know for sure, you do not have to live the way you are right now. Long lasting change and healing is possible and it starts with YOU. 

You see, most courses out there focus on treating the symptom and not the cause; do x when anxiety presents or do y when you feel emotionally overwhelmed. These skills are great. BUT, they keep you stuck. How? You are so focussed on managing symptoms that you never connect with the root of the problem; the cause. The cause being, what it is that led you to experiencing anxiety in the first place; What happened to you or was neglected in your earlier life that you didn't learn to feel safe with your feelings. 

Make Peace with your Past bridges the gap between treating and coping to create sustainable change. 

To bravely peel back the layers of you and create YOUR most authentic, connected self and life. 

and now it's your turn!

Make Peace with your Past is like no other program. This is no cookie cutter approach to change.

Think of it like a collective therapy session. Each fortnightly group gathering will be tailored to provide therapeutic support to each unique member.   

Over twelve weeks we will work together to identify subconscious programming, break automatic thinking patterns and release past belief systems. We'll find your most authentic self and create an identity to invite in
loving, connected relationships. 

An Offering like no other

Practical integration exercises to keep momentum between group sessions supported by audio and video guides. think meditations, inner child connection exercises and tapping.

A library of lifetime psychological support resources to promote ongoing optimal mental wellbeing.

INDIVIDUAL psychometrics to ensure that we tailor the content uniquely to you.

FIVE content modules each targeted at a different layer of self exploration + A BONUS MODULE ALL AROUND ANCHORING INTO YOUR VALUES.

WEEKLY LIVE Q + A SESSIONS (VIA ZOOM) to support you honing your own unique experience, perspective and healing path.

FORTNIGHTLY live 90 minute group therapy INTEGRATION sessions via zoom with monique.

It includes these one of a kind features

You will get access to the first module on sign up. Our first live Q + A will be scheduled during the week of 30th May with our first group therapy immersion kick off on Tuesday 7th June 2022. 

Does "the work" start on a specific date?


For life! Self healing and integration is a life long practice and the resources will be there to support you ongoing through life's ups and downs long after completion of the 6 weeks. 

How long do i have access to the content for?


99% of the time - YES! However, if you are a current or past client, please get in touch and we can chat it through before you sign up. 

I'm a current or past client. would this be right for me?


only the brave ask questions

The two really aren't comparable. The Make Peace With Your Past Program invites you into a community of collective wisdom. We often default to working through things individually in our society when collective healing has been proven to be one of the most effective approaches to long-lasting change. 

Why would i do the program over individual therapy?


This program would be an incredible stepping stone to our therapeutic work together. You may also find that post program you are no longer needing individual therapy. At this stage I am not taking on any new direct clients so this group is the only way to work with me in the near future. 

I am on your waitlist for 2022 - wait it out or try the program?


Absolutely. A fortnightly instalment plan or pay in full option is available. 

What are options for payment - Can I pay on a payment plan?


As women we tend to carry the legacy of intergenerational family trauma and toxic, maladaptive patterns more than anyone else. Make Peace With Your Past was created for exceptional women who are brave enough to step forward and change this. Women who are READY to experience change. 

I can't wait to support you on your healing path

You are relying on those around you to change in order to feel fully satisfied and actualise your dreams.

You are looking for another quick fix or magic wand approach that promises to heal all pain and anxiety from your life.

You are currently actively engaged in some for of trauma focussed processing therapy (EMDR, Somatic based psychotherapy)

You don't value the wisdom of the collective and can't see the incredible benefit in a group approach to therapy.

make peace with your past isn't right for YOU IF:

You've read all the self help books, done a few courses (perhaps even some individual psychological therapy) but are feeling stagnant. 

You feel stuck, disconnected from yourself and your life and seeking a connected community to support you.

You've lost confidence but are willing to take accountability for your own change and healing to ignite your true potential.  

You have a history of emotional neglect, challenging relationships or other complexity within your family of origin.

Make peace with your past is perfect for YOU IF:

Discover if Make Peace with your Past is for you

Make peace with your past

Come and join me on this loving journey of self discovery and transformation. Show yourself that you matter with the gift of connection, clarity and calm. 

Remember, we only know ourselves as well as we know our past. 

It's time to bravely bare it all and connect back to the most authentic YOU. 

your journey starts now.

The only person we can change and control is our own self
- Harriet lerner

A cashflow friendly payment plan


three monthly payments of


Save $ when you pay in full. 


one-time payment of

best value

begin today

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